Blessed Bunny Spritzer fits anywhere in your hair care routine, starting as a post-shower leave-in conditioning treatment. Simply spray all over, from roots to ends, and comb through damp hair. To give curls a glossy bounce, use on damp or dry hair and comb through with a wide-tooth wooden comb or fingers. For even more conditioning, add some Hunny Bunny Healing Hair Oil on dryer areas.

At the end of your hair-care routine, spray generously from the nape of your neck to your roots for a sleek, healthy finish to any style. Take in the enticing aromas as your hair absorbs our ultra-hydrating formula. 

Sport Activity
To achieve ultimate hair goals even on-the-go, apply in-between sport and daily activity. Blessed Bunny Spritzer can even be applied pre- or post-run to secure hair, or under a swim cap for concentrated conditioning.