Five Accessorized Hair Styles

Five Accessorized Hair Styles

Whether you're trying to hide a bad hair day or looking for some new styles, Hunny Bunny hair accessories have got you covered. Try these looks using Original Patent design, the Hunny Bunny scrunchies, recycled Swim Poolside Hunny Scrunchies, elastic hair tie, that double as a bracelet, lux velvet headbands and 100% silk scarves!

The Hunny Bun

The Bun that started it all is easy to recreate with the Original Velvet Hunny Bunny. Available in nine colors and mini sizes, you can make a flawless high bun for you or your little one in seconds. Just pull your hair into a high ponytail using the Pom pom elastic. Then wrap your hair firmly around the Pom pom furball, and secure using the Hunny Bunny scrunchie. Adjust the wire ears and you’ve got a fabulous and secure high or low bun. Your Hunny Bunny scrunchies are machine washable (not dryer recommended) and will be replaced at no extra cost if your Bunny gets injured. 

The Bunny Ears

For our sporty Bunnies who want their hair out of their face when working out, try Bunny ears. Simply part your hair down the middle, twist each section into a small bun, and secure using a Hunny Bunny 24K Gold Elastic Hair Tie. For Bunny’s with thicker hair, try using a mesh Sport Bunny scrunchie.

Headband High Pony

If flyaways have got you down, we’ve got you covered. A high ponytail with a Long Eared Bunny Velvet Headband is stylish and will keep flyaways at bay. Start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail. Then flip your head upside down and wrap your Long Eared Bunny Headband around your head. The bunny charm will be at the center back. Knot the Bunny ears three times, and push the headband back to your preferred placement. Now you’re ready to go, and free from flyaways.

Vintage Head Silk Scarf

Perfect for driving around the South of France in a chic convertible, or avoiding the rain, the Vintage Head Silk Scarf is accessible for all hairstyles. Fold your Hunny Bunny scarf into a triangle and place on your head with the fold on your forehead. Then, wrap the ends of your scarf around your neck and over the back corner before tying into a knot. This timeless and easy style will show off your beautiful Hunny Bunny scarf!

The Scarf Braid

Give your French braid an update by incorporating your Hunny Bunny scarf. To begin, fold your scarf in half and pin the scarf lengthwise under the first section of hair you want to braid. Braid, as you normally would, treating each half of the scarf like a section of hair. Secure your braid using a Hunny Bunny 24K Gold Elastic Hair Tie, and tie the remaining scarf into a bow. For our more advanced Bunnies try this style on a fishtail braid.


No matter the occasion, Hunny Bunny’s handcrafted accessories will help you to feel glamorous and celebrate your hair.