Four Reasons Your Hair Deserves Organic

Four Reasons Your Hair Deserves Organic

Switching to organic hair care may seem like a daunting task. Unlike skin care and makeup, trusted green hair care can be harder to find and more expensive. But the benefits of good hair care ingredients make the switch worth it. Here’s why Hunny Bunny handcrafts hair care with organic, natural products.

The Scalp Absorbs

Your scalp and forehead are considered the most absorbent part of your body. Using products with dangerous chemicals on your hair means they could be absorbed into your bloodstream. Many non-organic commercial hair care contains known carcinogens like formaldehyde. These unnatural ingredients can put your overall health at risk and cause allergic reactions, like rashes and discoloration. 

Besides chemical exposure through the scalp, non-organic hair care creates fragrances with chemicals like phthalates, which can enter your system via inhalation and be absorbed by your lungs. 

Hunny Bunny only uses natural, certified organic ingredients like castor oil, coconut oil, and mineral powder to leave your hair stunning and your system safe. 

People of Color Face More Exposure

Hair care products marketed towards people of color such as anti-frizz, relaxers, hot oil treatments, and leave-in conditioners have been known to contain toxic ingredients that can disrupt the endocrine system and increase the risks of asthma. Oftentimes, these toxic chemicals are not listed on the packaging. One study found that on average, women of color have higher levels of beauty-product related environmental chemicals in their system. 

At Hunny Bunny, our hair care products are designed for all hair types, and transparent ingredient lists. Here at Hunny Bunny we know using organic hair care products decreases build up on your hair follicles and shaft, leading to stronger more buoyant hair! 

Environmental Impact

Once washed out of your hair, shampoos, conditioners, gels, oils, and sprays go down the drain and make their way into our water treatment plants. From there our old shower water is released back into the environment, meaning any chemicals you used on your hair is going back into rivers, lakes, oceans and the atmosphere. Research has found that conventional shampoo can contribute to “climate change, water resource depletion, mineral and fossil resource depletion, and freshwater ecotoxicity.”

Heal Your Hair and Your Spirit

Unlike hair care products with an unpronounceable ingredient list, Hunny Bunny’s all natural Healing Hair Oil nourishes your hair and your spirit. Our Healing Hair Oil uses Hemp-Derived CBD to seal in hair’s moisture and keep your cuticles healthy. CBD will moisturize and soothe your scalp, promote hair growth and detoxify your hair of harmful chemicals and dust deposits. Your hair will be shiny, frizz-free and protected against future breakage.

The spiritual benefits will come from our blend of cinnamon bark, which evokes protection, love and luck; lavender, which evokes physical and spiritual harmony; rose, which promotes life, vitality, and survival; and honeysuckle, which evokes friendship, luck, joy and pleasure.

To get the most out of Hunny Bunny’s Healing Hair Oil apply a few drops to freshly washed hair, or try using it under your swim cap or after a workout to see the intense moisturizing benefits. 

Using organic, all natural products significantly decreases the pollution you are sending back into the environment. All Hunny Bunny products are organic, vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free. It’s hair care that keeps you and Mother Earth healthy and shining.