Rose Hydrosol: Hydrates and nourishes both hair and scalp while reducing oil to keep hair from feeling greasy. Soothes the effects of heat and pollution, and promotes hair growth with vitamins A, B3, C and E

Mandarine Oil: Antimicrobial activity clarifies the scalp and skin to reduce oil

Cinnamon Oil: Calms and nourishes dry skin to combat dandruff

Lavender Oil: Antimicrobial properties help calm common hair and scalp issues like itchy scalp and dandruff. Supports hair growth and emits a stress-reducing scent

Myrrh Oil: Alleviates dandruff and dry scalp

Honeysuckle OilMoisture-boosting and antibacterial properties help improve dry, brittle hair and split ends

INGREDIENTS: Rose Hydrosol, Purified Water, Cinnamon Bark Oil*, Frankincense Essential Oil*, Mandarine Essential Oil*, Rose Absolute Essential Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Lavender Essential Oil*, Honeysuckle Essential Oil, Natural Vegetable Color (Beet) (*Certified Organic Ingredient)