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Girls Mini Velvet Hunny Bunny Scrunchie | BLUSH

Having less hair doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice when it comes to the perfect bun! Our Mini Scrunchie is made specifically for hunnies with thinner or slicker locks, so it’s great for adults and kiddos alike.

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Even if you’ve got thinner or slicker hair, this scrunchie’s got your back! It’s made with our unique patented design and a detachable pom pom to keep hair looking fabulous and feeling secure, and features our signature 24K gold hexagon logo charm hardware.


Hunnies of all ages with thinner or slicker hair who are done struggling to create the stylish styles of their dreams.


With a built-in wire hidden in the bunny ears, this scrunchie won’t leave you hanging. It’s made to lock in your locks, and comes with a matching elastic hair tie for extra security.


Perfect for achieving a flawless classic bun or ponytail, adding volume and shape to your bun, or doubling as a super-cute accessory for your wrist.


There are three parts to your Hunny Bunny: A pom attached to an elastic hair tie (the bunny tail!), a scrunchie, and a wired detachable bow (the ears!) with our signature 24k gold logo charm.

Q: Can I use a washer and dryer machine to clean my Hunny Bunny?
A: Yes!! But before you toss it in the washing machine, we highly recommend detaching and untying the ears. This helps maintain the shape of the wire inside ears and minimize wear-and-tear to the hand-sewn charm.

Q: Why are there two strings attached to my pom that tie onto an elastic hair tie? 
A: Our products are top-quality and carefully crafted, but elastic does wear down over time. The attached strings let you instantly revive your bunny if the original elastic happens to break.

You can retie the pom to the backup hair tie that comes with each and every Hunny Bunny, or to any hair tie you’d like! We recommend triple knotting the strings for a secure attachment.

Q: Will the strings show in my bunny bun?
A: Nope! Simply cut the strings to your desired length, tuck the excess into your masterpiece ‘do, and voila! The strings are concealed and you’re ready to impress.

Q: What do I do if the charm on my bunny ears comes loose or falls off?

A: Not to fear, Hunny! We stand by our goods and will gladly repair or replace your Hunny at no extra cost. If your Hunny has an injury (i.e. strings are detached from pom, a charm falls off, your Hunny has a hole, etc.), please let us know at We’ll get your Hunny checked into the Hunny Hospital and send her back good as new!


Whether for little ones or grown-up hunnies, the Hunny Bunny Mini Scrunchie can help you create everything from pigtails and ponies to braids, half-ponies and other swept-up styles.


Mother & Daughter Owned

 Designed with Love in California

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